Horse Training Videos by Warwick Schiller

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Have you every wanted you own personal horse trainer at your finger tips 24/7? How about having that and one of the best out there; Warwick Schiller! Warwick takes you behind the scenes and lets you know the secrets of his success.

Warwick Schiller Horsemanship

The Ultimate in Online Training Videos

He starts with a 10-year-old Warmblood that has never seen clippers before....

Warwick also works with a 2-year-old new to clipping and a show horse that had issues around the ears. These sections of the video teach you how to introduce the clippers to the horse in a manner that will eventually lead them to be relaxed instead worried.

Learn how to clip your horse with no twitches, drugs or undo stress involved!

In the last part of the initial video set Warwick gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to properly clip the horse now that they are relaxed and ready to be clipped.

My first set is a 1.5 hour comprehensive video set on Clipping Instruction and Problem Solving. A short intro video tells you all about what I cover in it. If you decide to buy the set (it is all very secure and safe through the Viddler site) you will be able to view it instantly on your smart phone, tablet or computer for only $9.95 by visiting our video store. You'll have lifetime access and be able to ask que...stions about the video directly to me in the forum. As a video set subscriber, you will also have receive FREE access to all the video updates I do on clipping.

Thanks for all your support! I am really excited to have such a cool forum to teach, interact and stay in touch with you all to help "Make the Wrong Thing Hard, and the Right Thing Easy!"

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